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Sam Morris
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Product Development
Product Development

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About Us

Welcome to the Website of Sam Morris/dba American Ingenuity and Technology.
We empower individuals, organizations and corporations with our new product
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About Us

Product Development

How we got here and where we came from

It was nothing magical, just a lot of hard work.

I was born in Kansas and grew up wanting to work for Boeing Aircraft in Wichita, but that never happened. I began my working career as a telephone cable splicer. I went on several assignments throughout the United States, to splice new telephone cables on major rebuilding projects. Often we would completely replace all the older cables with new cables with larger capacity.

In 1968 I applied for a Secret Security clearance and got my first government contract at Offut Air Force base in Omaha, Nebraska. Normally, a military base has one General who is the Commanding Officer of the base. Offut Air Force base has twenty-six Generals, as Offut Air Force base is the world headquarters for Strategic Air Command. It was the most prestigious assignment and I was very proud to be working there.

I started a construction company in 1972 and focused on rebuilding telephone facilities in the Northeastern states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and part of Pennsylvania.


In 1978, I was ask to join the engineering department and train to become an engineer. I had always wanted to become an engineer, so I accepted the opprotunity. I read every technical manual I could find and I purchased dozens of engineering books and manuals.


I began to study and research everything I could find about fiber optics. I bought stock in a company from Providence, Rhode Island called Optelecom. They were conducting experiments in 1978, using fiber optics to control the launching of missiles for the Air Force.

Optelecom also had some rather crude communications equipment, which attached to a fiber optic cable for point to point voice communications, used for applications much like the old military field phones. It seemed very primitive, but I could clearly see significant abilities in what they were doing. First off, I could see that both voice and data could travel through the fiber using light. The rest is really history now.

Fiber Optics

The potential for using fiber optics was fascinating to me. I could see many advantages of fiber optics over conventional copper cables. Bandwidth or capacity seemed to be unlimited, compared to copper cable. The fiber optic cables were immune to electrical interference. Some of the first applications were installed in Power Generating Plants. A government contractor, Raytheon was developing electronic multiplexing equipment at this time, targeted for use with fiber optic cables in Telecommunications applications.

I attended siminars conducted by Ratheon Corporation, to learn all I could about the electronic interfaces to the fiber optic cables. I admit, it was mind boggling at times and required reading technical data sheets over and over many times, to be able to understand how it all worked.

It was difficult to find truly knowledgeable people in the industry at the time, and keep up with them. Many new players were beginning to enter the market and they were grabbing up everyone they could find with expertise in fiber optics. Knowledgeable engineers were changing employers frequently for better salaries and fringe benefits.

NEC moved quickly to hire as many people as possible. Strategy was to hire all the expertise and there would not be any competition. Fujitsu soon followed NEC by offering enormous salaries and benefits. GTE Sylvania was a key player also, as one of the first to have products to the market place. This was a very exciting time in the telecommunications industry.

I continued my work as an engineer and I designed the first fiber optics project for New York Telephone Company. I designed twenty seven projects from 1980 through 1984. In October 1984, the projects I had engineered in New York, represented more than forty percent of all working fiber optics in the nation.

I was then sent to BELLCORE formerly BELL LABS at Morristown, New Jersey to teach fiber optic engineering, to engineers from the seven regional Bell Operating Companies.

In May of 1985, Rockwell International made me an offer, I couldn't refuse. I was able to explain to Rockwell, what the telephone industry needed in the way of fiber optic multiplexing equipment and digital electronics. Rockwell International was a well established conglomerate with several business entities, including the space shuttle, the development of the B-2 bomber, the automated manufacturing division of Allen Bradley, Rockwell Semi-Conductors Division which holds all patents and manufactures every data modem made, and dozens of other facets in the world of electronics development.

I was able to share my knowledge with some of the finest electronics engineers in the world. Very quickly, prototypes of new electronic equipment were developed. I was able to take some of the existing Rockwell products and make very slight modifications, which brought these products to the forefront and became major leaders in the industry.

Rockwell MVP

Rockwell soon moved me into sales. It wasn't long before Rockwell built an addition on to the manufacturing facility in Downers Grove, Illinois and hired a second shift to keep up with the orders. Over forty percent of the manufactured products were shipping to New York. In 1986, I received an award from Rockwell for MVP (Most Valueable Player). I received many awards from Rockwell and I truly enjoyed the challenging work. The newly designed Rockwell products were items the Telephone Companies had needed for many years.

Rockwell Contract

The cellular phone industry was beginning to take off and in 1985, I was one of the first cellular customers in the New York area. My Motorola cellular phone, including the installation in my new Audi, was just $5,615.00 plus $69.00 a month for basic service. This included fifty minutes of daytime peak calling time and fifty minutes of off-peak time. Additional peak minutes were $.59 cents a minute and additional off-peak minutes were $.35 a minute.

There were dead spots everywhere. This was very annoying at first, until I began to realize the potential opportunity, for selling the Rockwell digital electronic equipment, to solve these problems. I soon arranged meetings with several cellular companies in the New York area, to introduce the Rockwell products. It wasn't long before I had sold several million dollars worth of Rockwell equipment to the cellular service providers. My sales orders for Rockwell equipment were so astronomical, that Rockwell sent a contracts executive out to verify the need of so much equipment. Rockwell had never seen so much equipment sold on one order.

Product Development

In 1987, a fire broke out at a telephone office in Brooklyn, New York and more than 40,000 customers were without service. There was no service to the Fire Department, Police Department or the hospitals. Upon hearing of this disaster, I rushed to Brooklyn and met with the Division Manager, Mr. Cal Fredrick at 101 Willoughby Street in Brooklyn. I assured Mr. Fredrick, that I could have Rockwell equipment flown into LaGuardia Airport, from Chicago, Ill. and from Dallas, Texas to get some services up and running as soon as possible.

Brooklyn was a case of absolute chaos. After a few hours of considering the options, the Division Manager, Cal Fredericks told me to move forward in getting the Rockwell equipment flown in to LaGuardia Airport. Thanks to my cell phone and spare batteries, I then called Rockwell in Dallas and had two portable Microwave Radio systems flown in. I called Rockwell in Chicago and had the factory working a second shift to build and ship the digital multiplexing equipment that night.

NYNEX, formerly New York Telephone Company, sent trucks to LaGuardia Airport to pickup the equipment and take it to West 53rd Street in Manhattan, where we would install all the channel cards, printed circuit system boards and do pretesting. We sorted out the equipment as to what equipment went to each location and then loaded the trucks and headed to Brooklyn.

Standing in the burned out Brooklyn telephone office, thirty seven and a half hours had passed, since the disaster occurred, when I handed Cal Fredrick a test telephone, so he could hear dial tone, coming through the Rockwell equipment. A picture says a thousand words.

Product Development

Rockwell sold the telecommunications division to a French company called Alcatel and many of us were laid off, as Alcatel had its own sales and engineering people. In 1989, I started a computer company, building computer systems for NYNEX Mobil, a cellular phone company. Soon some of my neighbors came and ask if I could build computers for them. I started building computers for the public and soon I had more than four hundred customers.

I retired in the year 2002, with a series of physical disabilities. I continue to keep alert and active, as much as I possibly can. Over the past forty years, I've pioneered many new advancements in electronic technology. I wish to continue sharing that knowledge, in computer equipment and networking, both in the office environment and in the home.

Another thing I have come to truly enjoy over the past forty years, is a really good cup of coffee. In all my travels I've come across some of the finest coffees in the world and I'm now bringing these wonderful coffees to my long time freinds and my new freinds, here at my website. Along with computer equipment and networking equipment, amoung the things I enjoy, I have found that a really good cup of coffee is most enjoyable. If you like coffee, do yourself a favor, try some of our coffee products, you'll be happy that you did.

Since the year 2000 I have made Salsa for friends and family. In the year 2005, I was encouraged to bring Sam's Salsa to the marketplace. 10 out of 11 have found Sam's Salsa to be better than the leading brand called Pace Salsa. Sam's Salsa is now enjoyed from coast to coast. I thank you all for your support.

Thanks for stopping by the samait@cisbec.net website and have a great day.

Sam J Morris
72 Picadilly Circle
Rock Hill, NY 12775

Product Development
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