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2008 GMC Pickup right side After

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Headlights CLEANED. We provide Headlights Restoration for cars, pickups and big rigs with plastic headlights. Clean headlights is a matter of public safety. Vehicles with dirty headlights can take away as much as ninety percent of your visibility at night. To clean dirty headlights on today's automobiles, takes more than a wipe clean stuff, you have to sand the plastic headlights. Cleaning dirty headlights is like polishing a stone.

Clouded Headlights Report on Channel 2 News

When the plastic lens cover over a vehicle's headlights gets older, heat can cause it to oxidize and look cloudy and yellow. To demonstrate just how dangerous this is for drivers, Channel 2 set up a demonstration in a dark parking lot to show the difference in visibility between hazy headlights and clear ones. Bill Spencer reports from Channel 2 News in Houston.

Headlights Restoration       (See Pictures Below)

American Ingenuity and Technology, always answering the demand of new technology, moves forward to provide headlights restoration. After cleaning the headlights on my own car, I realized how difficult it was to get these plastic headlights clean. I tried to use toothpaste to clean my headlights. There were some videos showing how some people had used toothpaste to clean headlights. Although the headlights seemed to look better right after using the toothpaste, they became foggy looking with a film of dirt with in a couple weeks.

To clean headlights on today's automobiles equipped with plastic headlights, there's more to it than to wipe on and wipe off. There is a lot more to cleaning plastic headlights than what meets the eye. The headlights on automobiles today are built with an acrylic plastic lens. Forces of the wind, rain, dust, bugs and dirt at speeds up to 70 MPH can cause micro-pitting on the lens, giving a scuffed appearance as if the lens had been sand blasted.

Many people have tried to wash their headlights and many have tried using a variety of cleaning soaps and chemicals, to no avail. Some have tried using mosiquito spray or insect repellant, such as OFF to clean headlights and have had some short term success. The spray on wipe off products contain the chemical DEET, which is found in insect repellants. The DEET actually melts the acrylic plastic. DEET will melt the surface of the headlight and as you wipe it off, you are actually wiping away the outer layers of the plastic headlights.

There's a chemical reaction from these wipes and mosquito spray and insect sprays that cause the acrylic plastic headlights to become very brittle and they soon will develop cracks and micro fractures in the plastic headlights. There are some products advertised that will give the appearance of being clean, but within four months they will return to being dull and have that blurred and cloudy look again. We do not use any of these products.

Our service of cleaning headlights is a headlights restoration service. We restore dirty headlights to a like-new condition to be as good or better than new condition. We do not use any wipe-on-wipe-off type of majic product. We do not use any chemicals that are harmful to plastic headlights. We sand away all the pitting, along with the dirt, grit and grime. We go through several steps of multiple fine grits of sanding paper using a specialty high speed sander with variable speeds. Our service is much like polishing a stone to an ultra smooth surface. We use products secifically made for acrylic plastic and plastic headlights. The process takes time and requires physical effort, but it is well worth the results.

At American Ingenuity and Technology our motto is "Do It Once and Do It Right". We make every effort for a full headlights restoration to be as good as new, or even better than new. We are an American Company, doing things the American way.

We take pride in our work for both private owned vehicles and commercial business owned vehicles. There's a sense of honor in what we do, in seeing vehicles with clear headlights is a matter of public safety to us. It gives us a good feeling when we see our customers driving with clean headlights, we know they are safe out on the streets, roads and hiways. Whether we are cleaning a fleet of commercial business vehicles or a private owned vehicle, our dedication is the same. We have pride and a sense of public safety when we are finished.

It is our goal to not only do this work safely, but to also do our part in bringing forward an awareness to public safety and the need for headlights restoration.

Below are pictures of some of the headlights we have restored. These pictiures represent some of the challenges that we have in headlights restoration. As we do our work, we feel a challenge of getting the headlights restored to a like-new condition. Some of these headlights can be tough to get restored. We have done some headlights that actually have had a crack in the lens. In most cases, you would normally replace headlights that have large cracks in the lens.

2004 Mustang left side Before

2004 Mustang left side Before

2004 Mustang left side After

2004 Mustang left side After

Chevrolet HHR left side Before

Chevrolet HHR left side Before

Chevrolet HHR left side After

Chevrolet HHR left side After

Chevrolet HHR right side Before

Chevrolet HHR right side Before

Chevrolet HHR right side After

Chevrolet HHR right side After

Pontiac Grand Prix GT left side Before

Pontiac Grand Prix GT left side Before

Pontiac Grand Prix GT left side After

Pontiac Grand Prix GT left side After

Pontiac Grand Prix GT right side Before

Pontiac Grand Prix GT right side Before

Pontiac Grand Prix GT right side After

Pontiac Grand Prix GT right side After

2008 GMC Pickup left side Before

2008 GMC Pickup left side Before

2008 GMC Pickup left side Before

2008 GMC Pickup left side Before

2008 GMC Pickup left side After

2008 GMC Pickup left side After

2008 GMC Pickup left side After

2008 GMC Pickup left side After

2008 GMC Pickup right side Before

2008 GMC Pickup right side Before

2008 GMC Pickup right side Before

2008 GMC Pickup right side Before

2008 GMC Pickup right side After

2008 GMC Pickup right side After

2008 GMC Pickup right side After

2008 GMC Pickup right side After

I am Sam Morris a retired engineer. I live in Boswell, OK.

I am requesting funding for the purpose of a project that deals with the concern for public safety. This project involves reducing the danger of driving at night on streets roads and highways.

In addition to saving many lives and avoiding many critical injuries, this project will also provide self-sustaining jobs for many workers who currently are out of work.

Since the year of 1980, automobiles are equipped with headlights made of clear plastic, in all different shapes and designs. The headlights are made of plastic for two reasons; because plastic is cheaper and because automobile manufacturers can build the headlights to take on any shape and design to match the contour of the body design of the new automobiles.

However, these plastic headlights are prone to discolor by the effects of dust, moisture and bugs in the air that hit the headlights, along with fine dirt and sand particles, leaving the appearance of being sand blasted, and becoming deteriorated from oxidization and ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays will turn dirty plastic headlights cloudy or to a dingy orange or yellow color.

The oxidization and discoloring of headlights distort and dim the headlights making it difficult to see when driving at night. Oklahoma, as do most states, has a state statute of 47-12-101 that pertains to defective equipment, as a matter of public safety, which includes dirty headlights.

It is a statistical fact that auto accidents at night, occur more often than accidents during daylight hours. It is also known, that injuries from an accident occurring at night, are 40% more severe than accident injuries occurring during daylight hours. It is further known, that more than 90% of the accidents occurring at night are related to poor visibility.

Accident data shows that dirty headlights can reduce the driver's visibility by as much as 90%. What's alarming about this is that 9 out of 10 cars on the streets, roads and highways have dirty headlights. As a matter of Public Safety, Law Enforcement officers should be giving a heads-up notice to motorists with dirty headlights.

I would like to see law enforcement officers place more focus on these automobiles with dirty headlights, as a matter of Public Safety. I believe we can lower the number of nighttime accidents and reduce the number of severe injuries resulting from nighttime accidents.

In Oklahoma the statute of 47-12-101 for defective equipment gives a wide range in the amount of the citation, from $5.00 (Five Dollars) to $500.00 (Five-Hundred-Dollars). The amount seems to increase by the number of repeat offenses for the same reason.

There are many products on the market readily available for cleaning dirty plastic headlights. Several of these products are available at Walmart stores ranging from five or six dollars to as much as eighteen dollars. Unfortunately, these products are not designed to restore headlights, but they can clean away mild surface dirt and grime.

If an automobile is more than two years old, the process of oxidization has usually set in and to clean the headlight is more than superficial dirt and grime. To restore the headlights requires the use of a high speed sander and a step by step process using nine different grits of sandpaper, an acrylic plastic cleaner especially made for acrylic plastic, two levels of rubbing compounds for acrylic plastic and a plastic protectant to shield out ultraviolet rays, and prevent yellowing.

Unless the automobiles of today are less than two years old, the plastic headlights will have a stubborn layer of dirt and grime as well as showing signs of micro pitting. These acrylic plastic headlights are not cheap. To replace the headlights on my Cadillac, the lowest cost I could find was $555.00 per light and that does not include installation.

To have the headlights replaced requires a great deal of work. On my car, the front bumper cover and inside wheel liners on the fenders must be removed to get access to the headlights. Cadillac dealerships charge $1,400.00 to $1,500.00 to replace the headlights.

Having the headlights restored range from $60.00 to $100.00, depending on the design of the headlights. Vehicles with recessed headlights are more difficult than others and the oxidization in the plastic can only come out by using multiple grits of sandpaper with a high speed sander.

For the reason of Public Safety, it goes without saying, that our headlight restoration service will save lives and help reduce the number of nighttime accidents and severe accident injuries while making automobiles safer, at night on the streets, roads and highways.

Many people have tried to clean their headlights, only to discover the headlight cleaners on the market cannot clean away the damage caused by pitting and oxidization. Some people have used insect sprays, such as OFF Mosquito Spray, which contains the chemical DEET. The chemical DEET literally melts acrylic plastic and leaves the acrylic plastic fragile and brittle.

The chemical DEET causes the plastic to become brittle and develop micro fractures in the plastic. The chemical DEET will destroy the plastic headlight when applied only a few times.

I noticed the area where I live in Southeastern Oklahoma, has a large number of unemployed, as does many areas in the United States. I have also noticed there are many who are receiving food stamps. I have learned that many of those who are receiving food stamps have no income, as there are no jobs available in the area.

I have also learned that their food stamps can only be used to buy food items. These people who are receiving food stamps have no money to buy the basic necessities of non food items, such as tooth paste or toilet paper. They cannot use food stamps to buy clothes, coats or shoes.

As a result, many of these people have turned to burglary, breaking into homes and stealing essential items that they cannot buy with food stamps. Many of these people have been caught and are serving time in state prisons or in county jails.

The state prisons and county jails are operating at full or over capacity. Some non-violent inmates are being released with an electronic monitoring device. They must pay court costs and pay monthly payments to the Department of Corrections, as payments for the crimes they have committed, and they must pay for the cost of the electronic tracking device.

Sadly, with no jobs available, these individuals often return to burglary in order to sell stolen items, to get the money they need to pay their fines. It's only a matter of time until they are caught and they will return to county jail or be sent back to prison. If they cannot pay their fines, they are sent to prison.

It's a hopeless circle for these people, and some live in hiding for fear of being sent to jail or prison. With the slow economy and the lack of factories and manufacturing jobs, their hope of finding work is very dim.

However, I have taken the step to teach some of these people how to make a living by restoring headlights. This allows them to earn money to pay their fines and keeps them from committing more crimes and thus winding up back in jail.

These people have had little or no positive role models in their lives to inspire these people toward a brighter future and a working career. I have been providing some odd jobs of work to several of these people and the work I have provided has kept all but one from returning to jail.

The Southeastern area of Oklahoma is not an isolated occurrence of unemployment, or the only area where people are receiving food stamps, but it's the first time that I have seen how these people are struggling to survive. Many of these people have children or have lost their children as they are unable to provide for them with essential items as toothpaste, clothing, toilet paper, coats and shoes.

Being retired, I have had time to think about these people, and time to think of a way of how I could get some of these people back work. I have done a good bit of research on restoring the headlights on these cars and trucks that are two years old or older. This is a serious condition for automobiles to have dirty oxidized headlights.

In my research for doing headlight restoration, I have learned that there are 9 out of 10 automobiles on the streets, roads and highways, that have dirty headlights. I have also found that many people have tried and failed to clean their headlights, and many have tried and have given up on cleaning their headlights. The number of unsafe automobiles traveling on streets, roads and highways with dirty headlights is frightening.

I have stuck my neck out on this business of headlights restoration in having business cards made, designing a brochure, having posters made and business signs made, buying equipment and all the materials needed to restore headlights. I have purchased enough equipment and materials for up to four workers to be working at the same time. I have done this because I feel it is the right thing to do. This is a matter of Public Safety on the streets, roads and highways. I also feel compassion to provide some guidance and to help train these unemployed people.

I feel good about the work of restoring headlights as a matter of public safety and there is a large audience of automobiles that need this service. I have a good feeling from helping these people who seriously need some of the very basics of non-food items and clothing. I feel good providing guidance to these people as how they can honestly earn money and avoid going to jail or prison for burglary. Nobody wants to come home and find their home burglarized and cherished items missing. I want to see this activity stopped and I have a solution that has greatly reduced that activity in our community.

I would like to be able to open headlights restoration shops across the state and all across the country where people can take their cars and trucks to have their headlights restored. I would like to give guidance to those who are without a job and teach them to do headlights restoration. I can make a difference in the lives of those who have not had a positive roll model in their life.

I feel good about doing headlights restoration as it is a matter of public safety. I feel good about helping people end a lifestyle of burglaries and theft, and to show them a better way of life.

To make this happen, I will need funding for advertising, to promote awareness to those 9 out of 10 owners of cars and trucks who have dirty headlights. I would like to be able to buy or lease six service vans with advertisements of headlights restoration showing before and after pictures of vehicles we have done. These vans need to be equipped with generators to power the tools.

I would like to have billboard advertisements that resemble the service vans with pictures of the headlights restorations showing headlights before and after (a picture says a thousand words). I would also like to have radio advertizing in targeted areas during rush hour traffic when people are in their cars and trucks and would hear the advertisements, as well as seeing the billboards.

For this to be successful there needs to be a blitz of advertising to get people aware that they have dirty headlights and they need to be restored. I would like to have support by the local law enforcement as well, perhaps a TV advertisement with a local member of law enforcement to emphasize the importance of having headlights restored.

This will be an ongoing business in every city and town. Wherever there are automobiles, there is a need for this service. I believe that I can make a difference in public safety, and I can bring hope into the lives of many and give them a long term future in headlights restoration.

I will need funding for newspaper advertisements, radio and television advertisements, and promotional items, such as T-Shirts and key chains, and billboard advertisements. I will need more brochures, posters and business cards.

Certainly, as the business progresses, if the volume of business is high in certain geographical areas, then I would also like to establish shop locations where people can take their automobiles to have their headlights restored. I have no doubt that the shop locations will be a success, as all the data states that 9 out of 10 automobiles have dirty headlights, and that's a large audience.

From the people I have spoken with and the customers that have come to have their headlights restored, they have been telling me that they have tried the headlight cleaning kits in the stores and they have found nothing that has worked. People assume that it is an easy job, but soon find out that it's not easy to restore these acrylic plastic headlights.

I had tried a few of the restoration kits in the stores myself, and I did not have any success with the kits either. There is no question that there is a large market out there who are waiting for just such a service to come along. The time is right and there's a huge market to be served.

I see this as one way of putting people to work and caring for a serious public safety issue as well. The business should look professional with company service vans and the employees should be dressed in company work uniforms to give the best impression.

Business volume will increase by word of mouth, but seeing the billboard advertisements and hearing the radio advertisements will continue to build business volume.

Your donations support our programs that reshape lives, and we couldn't do it without you. I thank each and every one of you who have contributed to our efforts, to bring awareness to the public safety matter of dirty headlights, and to provide funding for our help and dedication to train those who are unemployed, and provide a long term solution and a career job in headlights restoration.

Your donations are not a hand out. I simply cannot afford do this on my own. I have identified a serious matter of public safety, and I have identified an enormous number of people who are unemployed. These people are desperate for jobs, and they are in dire need of job opportunities. They do not want a handout they would just like a hand-up from the dreadful life they are living. I want to provide the job opportunity to change their lives and bring a brighter future to them and their children. I see headlights restoration as a positive step in the right direction.

I am retired, but I want to do something for the future of the young people and their families. The job opportunities are simply not available as they were in my working career. I want to focus on other possibilities of other businesses services that could also be developed to provide a needed service and would provide employment to people who are unemployed.

When you are out shopping, look at the other cars in the parking lot and you will see many cars and trucks that need headlight restoration. I am asking for donations as I need your help to make this happen. With your help, together we can make this happen. I appreciate all you can do to make the streets, roads, and highways safer at night, and to help provide jobs to many people who are unemployed and who desperately need jobs.

I sincerely appreciate your donations and your donations will be helping to make the streets, roads and highways safer, as drivers will be able to see better after having their headlights restored, and you will be helping so many needy people who need jobs, so they can care for their families, to have the essential things they so desperately need. With your help, we can restore dirty headlights that will lower the number of nighttime accidents and lower the number of severe injuries from nighttime accidents, and we can put many people to work. I sincerely appreciate your help in making this happen.

Thank You so much,

Sam J. Morris American Ingenuity and Technology Headlights Restoration

Go Fund Me Public Safety Headlight Restoration

Donate for Public Safety Headlights Restorations and help create jobs.

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