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Welcome to the Website of Sam Morris/dba American Ingenuity and Technology. We empower individuals, organizations and corporations with our new product developments. We are specialists in product development. We develop a product, then sell the product to a corporation, or savvy business organization. Sam's Salsa has been ten years in development and beats the top brand Pace, on taste and flavor.

Everyone who has compared Sam's Salsa to Pace, voted Sam's Salsa to be the best. Pace is currently the leading brand of salsa. Sam's Salsa beats Pace 10 to 0, in taste. Sam's Salsa is ready to be sold to a major food corporation or an entrepreneur group.

American Ingenuity and Technology are specialists in product development. Our new products are for sale to business corporations or entrepreneur groups. Entrepreneur groups can take our new product and develop product markets, or simply sell the product to a larger entrepreneur entity or a large corporation. Developed new products for business are in constant demand as entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations are always looking for new products to market.

New products brought to the market place must work hard to gain brand name recognition. When you have a product for sale, brand name recognition will command a higher value for the product. Sam's Salsa is an example of a new product for sale to a corporation, entrepreneur or sales marketing organization. Ideally, Sam's Salsa would be best suited when sold to an established food company who currently markets tomato related products. Sam's Salsa product represents a business opportunity for an entrepreneur group to take a product that has been tested and proven to be the best, and build brand name recognition for the product.

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