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Sam's Salsa
Sam's Salsa

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About Us
Welcome to the Website of Sam Morris/dba American Ingenuity and Technology.
We empower individuals, organizations and corporations with our new product
developments. We are specialists in product development. We develop a product,
then sell the product to a corporation, or savvy business organization. Sam's Salsa
has been ten years in development and beats the top brand Pace, on taste and flavor.

Everyone who has compared Sam's Salsa to Pace, voted Sam's Salsa to be the best.
Pace is currently the leading brand of salsa. Sam's Salsa beats Pace 10 to 0, in taste.
Sam's Salsa is ready to be sold to a major food corporation or an entrepreneur group.

Sam's Salsa - Too Good To Be Cheap.

Give it a try. You will be glad you did.

Sam's SalsaSam's SalsaSam's Salsa

This is absolutely the very best Salsa, made with tomatoes, peppers, onions, spices and herbs with the best taste and flavor for salsa. Made with all natural ingredients.

This is a salsa that everyone wants their own jar. Below is a sample of the numerous complement's we have received from those who have tried Sam's Salsa.

"I got home and my son ate the whole jar of Sam's Salsa"

"During the Super Bowl, I had two chips with Sam's Salsa and my wife ate the rest of the jar by herself".

"Dad ate up all the Sam's Salsa with the chips and we didn't get any"

"We cooked a pound of hamburger and poured in Sam's Salsa and stirred it together with some cooked macaroni. Wow!, what an awesome dish".

"My wife put Sam's Salsa in my scambled eggs and I can't believe what I've been missing".

"I found "Sam's Salsa" very tasty & spicey with plenty of 'oomph'. Not watered down as so many salsas are. It's flavorful and thick with chunky ingredients. From snack to main course dish, I love it!!"

"Hey Sam's Salsa, That's a pretty catchy little ditty you got going there. Having tried this zesty salsa, I am delighted to see it on eBay! Now everyone has a chance to try it."

"Delicious...Delectable......Perfectly Hot....Not too hot, not wimpy! Bam! A++++"

In a local taste test, conducted in the Southwest town of Boswell, Oklahoma, Sam's Salsa beat the Pace brand. 10 out of 10 prefer Sam's Salsa, for Best in taste, Best in flavor, Best in packaging, and the Best in price. Sam's Salsa is not a cheap made salsa. Only the very best ingredients are used in making this salsa. Sam's Salsa cost more than the Pace brand, but the general consensus is that you get what you pay for.

In the Southwest town of Boswell, Oklahoma, It's been said that comparing Sam's Salsa to the Pace salsa is like comparing a T-Bone steak to a day-old boloney sandwich.

There's hot peppers in Sam's Salsa, but the peppers are tastefully added for a delicious salsa taste, without over-riding the salsa. If you like salsa that is hot, we have developed a hot salsa that retains our oringinal flavor, but takes the heat up a notch.

Our medium heat salsa carry's the expression of words, "Too Good To Be Cheap".

Our hot salsa carry's the Southwest words, "Cowboy Up, or Go Sit In The Truck".

For the best salsa, grab that bold Southwest flavor by the jar, bottles are for babies.

Sam's Salsa Medium Sam's Salsa HOT



Too Good To Be Cheap

Cowboy Up, or Go Sit In The Truck

Serving Suggestions:

  • Best when served cold.

  • Can be eaten right out of the jar with a spoon.

  • Perfect together with corn chips and a ballgame.

  • Serve over scrambled eggs or on an omelet.

  • Serve on a baked potato or over mashed potatoes.

  • Add to any meat, cover and saute until meat is tender.

  • Add to Chili Con Carne to bring alive the flavor.

  • Add some to any pasta and meat dish combination.

  • Add to pinto or red beans and serve over white rice.

  • Use to soak any meat over night as a marinade.

Sam's Salsa

Previously, Sam's Salsa was only available in Boswell, Oklahoma. Now with a growing request for Sam's Salsa from friends and visitors to our website, we ship Sam's Salsa to customers coast to coast in the lower 48 states of the United States.

To try Sam's Salsa, 'Click' below to send us an email and we will reply with ordering details.


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